My first job in production was at Outsider London, one of the most awarded production companies in the UK.  This marked the start of a career which has spanned over 20yrs, and has seen me work with some of the best production companies and advertising agencies in the business.

I have worked as an Executive Producer and Producer both Production and Agency side and am currently working in Sydney as a freelance producer.

If you would like  any further information,  please click on my LinkedIn profile below.



July - October 2016

I have just finished a freelance contract as a Senior Producer at The Monkeys - during which time I worked on a number of projects for MLA and IGA.  



September 2017

Working with Velvet on a campaign for Expedia, we built a set of famous landmarks made entirely from jelly!  As you can imagine this came with a few challenges filming under studio lights...


November - January 2017

I have just finished a three month contract at DDB Sydney - during which time I worked on campaigns for McDonald's, Expedia and Volkswagen.  

February - July 2017

I spent the first half of the year on a six month contract as Executive Producer with Jeff Darling's production company, Velvet - helping to grow and establish the company both here and in Asia.  The roster of 8 directors includes Jeff Darling, John Hillcoat, Alan White and Dimitri Basil.

I am taking a few weeks off - for the most part you will find me here - rollerskating!

I spent a month at Infinity Squared - quoting jobs with Phillip Sage, Melvin J Montalban and Nicholas Reynolds, and producing an online content film for QANTAS with Melvin - a stunning day on the harbour shooting at Bradley's Head.

August 2017

On Screen Executive Producer at Special Group - I produced three TVC campaigns  - for Uber/QANTAS, Haier and amaysim, working with Finch, Rabbit and Revolver.

For the Uber/QANTAS campaign, Wade Shotter from Finch devised a circular set to achieve all the shots in camera using a SFX team working beneath the set.  You can see how it all worked in the video below...


September - November  2017

December 2017

I produced a job at FINCH for Dave Ma.  A Nike spot for BBH Singapore, in conjunction with Google.  Basketball is the most popular sport in the Phillipines, this project was aimed at making basketball coaching accessible to  the kids of Manila.  Shot over 2 days at various locations around Makati City, the infamous Tennement building with incredible LeBron mural, and a night shoot at the Nike Hypercourts.  The TVC and online content film drove traffic to the coaching app, whilst Google installed Wifi towers at the courts to enable faster streaming.


February - March 2018

I am currently working at The Monkeys - as Executive Producer for Troop Studios, their in-house production company.  Overseeing and co-ordinating six post suites, producing content from TVC's through to social.

April - May 2018

I am at DDB Sydney for 6 weeks working on jobs for McDonalds and Virgin.

Saturday 2nd June 2018

I was asked to be one of the judges this year at the Clipped Music Video Awards - it was a great night at Carriageworks - congratulations to all the winners!

June - July 2018

I was Head of Production at Sibling agency - working on an integrated campaign for Westfield - Spring 2018 - directed by Mike Calvino and Steve Baccon at Louis & Co.


Best Animation - Pnau - 'Go Bang' - featured above

Best Music Video NZ - DMA's - 'The End'

Best Music Video Australia - Iluka - 'Sympathy'

Best Direction Australia - Lo - 'Locust Christ'

August  2018

I produced a TVC for Investsmart with Justin McMillan at Goodoil.   Working with Loyal agency, we shot in Sydney and finished the job ‍‍at Cumulus VFX in Byron.

Behind the scenes - first set up and wrap shot of a three day shoot - great light down at Bondi.

October 2018

I spent October working at The Sweetshop producing a Mazda TVC for Noah Marshall with CHE Proximity.  Shot in the Blue Mountains and Ku-ring-gai National Park, we used a continuous vertical camera movement throughout, which made for an interesting challenge...

September 2018

I produced a TVC for Service NSW with Adam Blaiklock and Banjo agency, we shot multiple locations across Sydney over 3 days - including 2 set ups in 24 minutes on the train to Dubbo!

November - December 2018

I produced a job for Tim Potter at Otto - a Cocopops TVC for JWT - 2 days shooting multiple locations around Sydney.

February 2019

Working with Curiious, I spent 10 days in Japan producing content for Infiniti cars for the Shanghai Car show.   2 days in studio at Atsugi, and a 4 day guerilla shoot around Tokyo - it was a lot of fun!

Heavy Lift drone at dawn...

May 2019

I produced a job with Derin Seale at Finch for Optus and the FIFA Women's world cup.  Women's sport in Australia only accounts for 9% of sport shown in the media,  this campaign was aimed at raising the profile of Womens' soccer and sport in general.  6 days pre for a 3 day shoot - 7 locations, rain FX, VFX, night shoots and 50 kids on set - it was a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable job.  

Screen Shot 2019 06 13 at 1.56.22 pm
Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 10.13.43 am

On set with Cal and Alex in Melbourne, shooting IGA with Shane Jacobson - directed by Clayton Jacobson at Guilty.

On set with Cloudy Rhodes  

IMG 6643
Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 10.36.48 am

At Coachella with the Velvet girls and Map of The Heart, Velvet's perfume company  

Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 10.46.44 am
AT and ME

Set up for rain shot and out of nowhere, on action it starts raining!

Last day on set with AT

IMG 8263
IMG 6005
IMG 4644

On set surrounded by stuffed animals!


Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 11.41.33 am
Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 11.41.13 am
IMG 1714
Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 12.44.44 pm
Screen Shot 2019 06 14 at 1.25.04 pm

Producers uniform!!

June 2019

I have just finished a job for Destination NSW with Anthony Rose, shooting content at Vivid across two nights - out on the water and at Circular Quay and The Botanic Gardens.  

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IMG 9402
Screen Shot 2019 07 30 at 2.44.06 pm

August 2019

I have just finished producing a campaign for Aussie Home Loans for Goodoil with Matt Kamen.  Three spots all shot entirely POV using a helmet cam and the Blackmagic Mk II.  

Day 1 - shooting  down at the Goods Line next to the Frank Gehry UTS building - one of the best examples of modern architecture and craftsmanship in Sydney.

Screen Shot 2019 07 30 at 3.08.28 pm

July 2019

Working with Chris Hill at Airbag Sydney, I produced two brand spots for Bravecto with JWT.   Filming with cats and dogs is always interesting!

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Salon chicks in-between takes

Jesse our stunt guy wearing John Balbi's helmet cam rig

I've seen it all now - 4 types of grated salt on set!

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September 2019

Working with Campbell Hooper at the Sweetshop, I produced a spot for Commbank with M&C Saatchi.  5 locations over 2 days, and some great VFX from Blockhead.

October 2019

I have just finished producing a TVC for Banana Boat with Leo Woodhead at Airbag with 303Lowe.  Shot by Lachlan Milne - it was a great day on Manly beach.

Screen Shot 2019 09 13 at 5.23.13 pm
Screen Shot 2019 10 11 at 11.12.51 am

Traditional Japanese low level kitchen entry - not ideal for crew!

Puppeteering shoes to walk in time with our talent

Screen Shot 2019 10 11 at 11.23.09 am
Screen Shot 2019 10 11 at 11.23.28 am

Perfect day for filming!

It's been several years since I've shot with Lachie - great to work with him again.

Nov-Dec 2019

I quoted jobs for Finch and Collider, and produced a TVC for Summer Agnew at Film Graphics - for Milo with McCann Sydney.  

January 2020

I produced a TVC for HSBC with Justin McMillan at Goodoil.  Shot by Danny Ruhlmann and finished in black and white, it followed a slam poet at a climate change rally, through the streets of Surry Hills.  With a very diverse cast and Gordo Buckets on drums, it made for a great atmosphere on set!

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June - July 2020

I have just finished producing a job with Destination NSW - 'It's Time to Love Sydney'.  80 locations shot over 8 days, with two units directed by Dylan Harrison and Edward Copestick, shooting throughout greater Sydney. With just 10 days in pre production, it was a big undertaking, particularly with the added difficulty of shooting in public spaces during Covid-19.

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